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Electrical and Plumbing Supplies in Azle, TX

Running water and electricity are the cornerstones of modern, comfortable living. When it is time to configure your wiring or plumbing situation, let Reeves Azle Hardware help. We are your source for electrical and plumbing supplies in Azle, Texas.

Safe and Reliable Electrical Supplies

Electricians and homeowners turn to us for all their electrical supplies. Whether you are conducting a repair or planning a new construction, we have all the "rough-in" materials you need to turn on the power. From wiring to lighting components, we have what you need. Our selection includes:

• Switches
• Wires
• Conduits
• Breakers
• Indoor Lighting
• Outdoor Lighting
• Extension Cords
• Halogen Bulbs
• LED and CFL Bulbs
• Incandescent Bulbs
• Low-Voltage Lighting
• Security Lights
• Batteries
• Smoke Detectors
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Plumbing Supplies and Tools

Get your plumbing supplies through us and complete the job according to schedule. We offer a range of materials for "rough-in" plumbing. From installation to repair, we have the right plumbing supplies for you. We sell:

• Shark Bite Fittings
• Sewer Pipe
• Black Natural Gas Pipe
• Galvanized, Copper, PVC, and CPVC Pipe
• Faucets
• Toilets
• Repair Materials
• Plumbing Chemicals

PVC Pipe

Your Helpful Resource

Projects are easier to complete when you get help from experienced people. Talk to our team members for tips and recommendations. We listen carefully to the scope of your project and offer relevant suggestions. As a result, you get precisely what you need to complete the job.
Contact us to learn more about our electrical and plumbing supplies. We proudly serve residents throughout Azle, Reno, Briar, Springtown, and Pelican Bay, Texas.